Gravity Falls idea for the season finale!

So yeah.  I was on  and posted a theory. Spiraled out of control as usual.

I thought Stan wrote the books, but then he was like “Finally” And then I’m like nope.  And no Stan’s not evil. He too weirdly old to be evil. I think there’s like  treasure hidden that the  map will reveal. And then the TARDIS will swoop in and kill Gideon. Everybody’s happy. Even Gideon. Oh and Sherlock will figure out who did it and when he does he’s gonna be like ” That’s mah homie Doctor he ain’t gettin’ arrested by nobody” Then the Doctor kissed Tess and they got hitched and had 11 babies and Tess, the Doctor, and Sherlock all pranced into the sunset burning alive when they reached it


The end! Yeah, when I said spiraled out of control, I meant it.


Artemis woke up on and off each day, until about  a week passed, then he was moved to the indoor ward, where he was tended to by Sarah and a gray sheep. After a while he was able to move around, and the gray sheep would aid him in that. He was unable to climb the the second floor or the balcony, until the day Sarah came and helped him up. She seemed to float up the ladder, and when they reached the  the second floor, they stopped.


And so did I because my grilled cheese is ready

FanFic Time!

I should write fanfic if I’m going to call this a fandom blog. So that being said, let’s get some whofowlock  (Artemis Fowl, Doctor Who, and Sherlock) going! 


Artemis groaned. His father was taking him on a stupid character building trip in the wilderness, and they had twice now nearly died. ” Father, when may we abandon this idiotic trip?” Artemis questioned. ” Artemis, I told you already, in a week. We are going to bond over a roaring campfire and enjoy it!” his father replied excitedly. “Fine.” Artemis said under his breath. Suddenly, he tripped, and fell directly into a hole. But it was no normal, little-bump-hole, it was a full-on eight foot deep hole, and it was a trap. As he touched down clumsily, he heard a click, and suddenly, lava filled the room. His father called down; “Arty? You alright?” Artemis let out a scream. His father looked down further, and was so absolutely shocked he felt himself fall in as well. But before he touched the lava, something grabbed him, and his knocked-out and badly burned son, and found themselves flying very high through the sky towards a brick building with a large amount of people on the roof, including a tall, thin man with dark, curly hair, a shorter man with crunched facial features, almost like a hedgehog, and a large man holding an umbrella. there was also a man with a fez and a bow tie standing near a blue phone box. then he blacked out.

June 8th, 2013: First post!

So, um, hi. Welcome to my new blog! If you’re not a fan of Doctor Who, than what are you even doing here? If you’re not a fan of Sherlock, same as Doctor Who. If you’re not a fan of candy, you have never experienced any emotion whatsoever and would you please get out now. Thank you. We will now return to your regularly scheduled reading. So, if you are a fan, than you might enjoy my blog… I feel awkward. Oh! Right. If  you have any other fandoms that I don’t post, I’ll read the book or watch the show, and post about it! Any questions? Leave them in the comments!   (wait, is there a comment box?)


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